Creative Writing Workshops took place in November/December 2015 and were scheduled to coincide with the Weeping Window being exhibited at St Georges Hall, Liverpool. The Weeping Window is the iconic sculpture, created in memory of those that lost their lives in the WW1 and which cascaded from the Tower of London to huge public appreciation. Part of the installation was brought to Liverpool and the City Council in partnership with city’s cultural organisations delivered a programme of activity to accompany the exhibition which ran from 1st November. Writing on the Wall and the Archive group felt that the arrival of the Weeping Window was a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of the Great War to Race Riots Archive and the Project among a wider public both nationally and locally.  Creative Writing Workshops under the title Black Poppies were arranged to take plane in Central library, opposite the weeping window exhibition. These workshops were promoted not be WoW but by City Council’s Culture Liverpool as part of the programme to accompany the Weeping Window. An exhibition of the archive was also on display in the Library during the period. As a result, the archive was featuring in Local media and Nationally on Armed Forces TV.  As part of the Creative Writing Workshops which were led by poet Levi Tafari, participants were given a talk on the archive from the member of the Archive group. They set the documents within their historic context and answered questions from a very engaged audience. The workshops were attended by over 20 people over the period and the quality of the creative writing was outstanding and participants will perform and read their work at an event in the WoW festival in May 2016, alongside Levi Tafari. 

This initiative involved a public call out which invited L8 Community members to an open day at the Kuumba Imani Centre. On a rainy Saturday afternoon in December over 70 people can together to make over 100 Black Poppies. The session was led by renowned artist Faith Bebbington who was specially commissioned to produce a Black Poppy Sculpture under the direction of the Great War to Race Riots Archive Group. Over 100 poppies were created and Faith Crafted them into an incredible installation which was unveiled at public event in Central library on 19th December 2015. The installation was displayed in the hub of Central Library for a period of a month and was very well received by the public. 
Both the series creative writing workshops and the creation of the Black Poppy sculpture brought an incredible amount of attention to the archive and raised awareness of a period British colonial and WW1 history that has been under-explored. 

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